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Dusty Olson

Owner of ATX Gives Back|Small Business Tips

About Dusty

From teacher to Senate legislative staff to small business owner, Dusty Olson is a Texas-based entrepreneur with a highly skilled background in several esteemed industries. While she began her career with the lofty goal of becoming a teacher, Dusty Olson found herself more and more drawn to channeling her creative energy into the business industry and helping small businesses succeed.

At the beginning of her educational career, Dusty Olson attended St. Edward’s University in Texas where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English/Language Arts Teacher Education. Several years after graduating, Dusty continued her education with the Concordia University of Texas where she obtained her MBA. In addition, Mrs. Olson attended the University of Cambridge’s summer program in Criminal Psychology. Throughout her educational history, Dusty showed a high aptitude for learning and success in all of her degrees. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and was heavily involved in the Honor Society as well as the Dean’s Leadership Council.

After graduating college, Dusty Olson wanted nothing more than to begin a family as well as a career. Now, she is married with children and loves being a mother above all else. Her first professional position was with the Austin Independent School District where she held the position of Classroom Intern. Her responsibilities included fostering reading, writing, and arithmetic skills with students in varying grades and with various abilities through individualized instruction. Dusty also collaborated with special education and ESL teachers to customize the curriculum to suit many different learning styles.

While teaching was a field in which Dusty excelled, she felt her career would take a different path. As a result, Mrs. Olson joined the Texas Senate as Legislative Staff where she performed duties ranging from administrative to operational support, facilitating correspondence between Senators and the general public, and performed research as needed. At this point in her career, Dusty had acquired a wide variety of skills, degrees and a proven track record that could only help her succeed in any career path she decided to take.

Ultimately, Mrs. Olson decided to channel her creative energy by establishing a successful side-business where she has bought and sold houses, flipping them for profit. This work even landed her on an episode of “House Hunters” that was filmed in Austin. Mrs. Olson’s business services also include mentoring and general to specialized advice on all business matters or issues that may arise.

Dusty Olson most recently created a local Austin embroidery company, ATX Gives back, which through its business operations, donates an article of clothing for each item purchased. This creates a direct impact into the local Austin community helping youth in need. The Helping Hand Home of Austin is a current focus as Dusty creates personalized monogrammed shirts for each of the children who are healing from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, neglect, or abandonment. ATX Gives Back is her primary focus outside of being a mother to her two small children.

In her spare time, Dusty Olson loves exploring Texas. She is an all-around Texas lover and fan and enjoys spending time in a new city or town where she can get great food and spend time with her family. Dusty also loves fishing, archery, and watching the Dallas Cowboys. Mrs. Olson donates much of her time and expertise to local charities, most notably the Junior League of Austin where she is has worked extensively with the Food in Tummies (FIT) Committee, and currently serves as a Zachary Scott Theater usher.