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It has always been a sad fact that there are far fewer female entrepreneurs than male entrepreneurs. Those numbers are starting to change with more women looking for ways to realize their own business goals. As more women become entrepreneurs, they’re passing down insight and advice to encourage more young women to pursue their own dreams.

Don’t Fear Failure

As with any type of new endeavor, launching your own product or business requires a process of trial and error. You will make mistakes and you will fail. However, as long as you can learn something from the experience, you have not been defeated. Don’t let failure overpower your self-confidence.

Research Your Competitors

While mistakes will be made and you can learn something from each of them, that’s not to say you have to make all of those mistakes yourself. Research your competitors to see how they struggled in the beginning. This will give you insight into managing your own business. Also, negative customer reviews of your competitors will help you learn how to improve upon the products and services they offer.

Prioritize Your Tasks

As a new entrepreneur, you’ll read and hear about a need to keep your productivity high, yet, as an entrepreneur, there’s really no concrete way to measure your progress. It will be up to you to outline your tasks for each day and prioritize everything you have to do in your professional and personal life. In addition to creating daily to-do lists, it can also help to set short-term and long-term goals for yourself.

Seek Out a Mentor

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, but be selective in those you choose to consult. As an entrepreneur, it may be better to find an entrepreneur working in the same field to mentor you. This person should be willing to act as your mentor and should be someone you respect and trust. This will give you an invaluable resource since your mentor will offer you insights to help you avoid common mistakes. 

Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy road to take, but knowing that you’re not the first can take some of the stress away. The advice offered by successful female entrepreneurs can help girls and young women realize there are more options open to them today.