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Starting a new business can be difficult and often slightly overwhelming. But starting an Etsy shop is completely different. Most people starting an Etsy shop are looking to turn their passion into a successful business. While there is no magical formula for gaining instant success on Etsy, the following tips will help you start and grow a successful business.


Just like a regular brick and mortar business, it’s important to research and look at other successful businesses who are offering the same products you are looking to sell. Etsy makes it easy and can show you dozens of sites by just entering a single search term. It’s important to note the number of sales that stores have made since they opened. Is the website crowded with your idea, if so, how can you get your business to stand out and make an impact? Ask these questions while researching other shops to make sure your shop will be successful.


While you may be opening your own business, you are using Etsy’s platform to launch, and they control everything that goes on the site. Etsy has specific guidelines in place that sellers must adhere to for their protection. Etsy is quick to shut down any shops that break their rules! Their guidelines are set in stone and detailed on their site for anyone to access.

Stock Your Shop

Without a product, you can’t launch your site. While you only need one item to start, it’s important to have multiple products from day one! Many shop owners suggest starting with 8-12 items and building out from there. If you are unable to list that many items on day one, consider creating custom listings to fill the additional slots. Custom listings allow customers to purchase made-to-order items once the customer has paid for their sale.

The Power of Social Media

One of the biggest ways Etsy shops become sustainable and successful is because of social media. Social media allows a shop owner to promote their products for free digitally! Creating a Pinterest or Instagram account will allow you to digitally showcase your products and link directly back to your site. Instagram also allows you to go live or share stories promoting your products. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to make a big splash from day one, you might also consider starting a blog and promoting your shop through your blog!

If you have a passion for creating things and are looking for other ways to make money or even looking to quit your day job and turn your passion into your everyday job, take the plunge and start your own online business!