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Global statistics surrounding social media use increase each year and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. This means people are more interconnected than ever before, and they rely heavily on social media outlets for their daily information. News, opinions, and referrals flood the internet in the form of social media posts and advertisements. What does this mean for small business owners? For starters, it means that small businesses that are not taking advantage of the free and low-cost resources available through social media are missing out.

Social Media Marketing

Many small businesses have very little to spend on a creative marketing budget. Modern technology presents many new opportunities to do the most with tight budgets. It is no longer necessary to purchase demographic information or email lists in order to reach potential customers. Prospecting is fast and easy with a strong social media presence. This form of marketing allows local customers to find small businesses in their area. Regular posts help keep small business pages active and relevant. This style of passive marketing literally lasts forever, or until a business removes the original post. Moreover, social media accounts help small businesses appear in search results even if they do not have an advertising agreement with search engine hosts.

Social Media Advertising

Choosing to advertise on social media results in many benefits for small businesses. Social media advertising packages are typically among the least expensive options and will not strain small business budgets. Just a few strategically placed ads on a social media page will result in countless leads. Despite the growth of web-based advertising, most small businesses still report that their number one form of new business comes from word of mouth referrals.

Having a few different active social medial accounts is vital for a small business operating today. Each account provides an effective way for customers to learn about a business. They also provide a convenient way for businesses and their customers to stay connected. Quick interactions on social media indicate a strong online presence and attention to customer concerns. Small businesses who answer questions, post blogs, and offer advice online are many times more likely to increase sales on a consistent and meaningful basis.